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Designing Bixie
mobile application




I helped Bixie to improve current user flow and enhanced user’s experience through revamping the platform

> JAN - FEB 2022 (3 weeks) 


Project planner
UX researcher
UI designer




High fidelity prototype
UX research with UX artefacts
Design system
Presentation slides 

Company overview

Bixie is a financial technology company committed to realising financial freedom for women. The company develops A.I. generated applications that support, educate and provide women with the requisite tools to grow their wealth, regardless of their starting point. They provide end-to-end support through the journey, from onboarding to investment. Bixie’s mission is to empower women to know their worth and grow their worth. The project was at its initial stage when we picked up the project. Bixie’s target users are mainly women in developing countries (primarily focused on the Philippine at the initial stage).

Project objectives

  • To design a mobile application to support women in providing financial literacy

  • To deliver a personalised goals-setting system

  • To create a budgeting and expense tracking system

  • To revamp knowledge centre to provide a better reading experience

  • To make learning about finance fun

Our Scope

The main focus of the project was to improve the current user’s journey; the aim is to make managing finance easy, fun and user-friendly.

priorities are to:

  • Improve the current user flow of the mobile application

  • Improve the aesthetic and style of the current MVP

  • Deliver a personalised goals-setting system

  • Design a seamless budgeting system

  • Revamp knowledge centre

  • Generate gamification ideas

My Role

I worked on this project with another UX/UI designer, Nessie Luk. I took on the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI/Visual Designer and Project Leader. I conducted market and user research. I defined the product with deliverables such as competitor mapping and analysis, personas, customer journey map, affinity mapping, user flow and sitemap. I was also responsible for generating solutions, ideating designs, conducting usability tests, and applying revisions.

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A platform which becomes a financial home for women.

Ideation & Test
Final Prototype
Evaluation & Conclusion
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Competitor Analysis

As always, I do secondary research to start off a project. A competitor analysis was conducted to assess competitors in the market. The aim is to see how they design for their targeted users. We looked at existing apps in the market which lie in the area between financial management and health fitness apps. We looked at health fitness apps as we would like to explore how these apps exploit cutting-edge tracking technologies to deliver personalisation suggestions to users.

Xccelerate x Bixie - Copy of Competitor analysis.jpg

Stakeholder mapping

A stakeholder mapping was performed to map both internal and external parties involving in the company. The more the centre the stakeholder is, the more important people we will be approaching to in the project.


Stakeholder Interview

Interviews were conducted with Filipina, the main target users at this stage. The aims of the interviews are:

  • To understand users’ financial practises

  • To identify users’ financial knowledge such as investment, insurance, and cryptocurrency etc.

  • To identify the pain points of existing user flow and look for gaps to improve

Bixie - Double diamond title.png




After conducting several interviews, personas were made based on our observations and assumptions. The aim is to create reliable and realistic representations of our key audience segments for reference.

Creating personas ultimately answers one of the most important questions, “Who are we designing for?”. As a result, I develop empathy and gain a similar perspective as the end users. 

Bixie (Nessie & Janice ONLY) - Persona 2 - 25-34 year old, low-income, Mother of 2 childre
Bixie (Nessie & Janice ONLY) - Persona 1 - 25-34 year-old, middle-income, Single young adu
Bixie (Nessie & Janice ONLY) - Persona 3 - 35-44 year old, middle-income, single woman.jpg
Bixie (Nessie & Janice ONLY) - Persona 4 - 35-44 year old, low-income, mother of a family.

Customer Journey Map

Bixie - Customer journey map.png

Affinity Mapping

By analysing the data collected from the user interviews and usability test of the current version, we generated lots of useful insights through affinity mapping.

Frame 800.jpg

Interview Results

Key Findings:

  1. Many domestic helpers use Pacific Ace to transfer money to the Philippines.

  2. Most domestic helpers send more than 50% of there salary back to Philippine every month.

  3. Most domestic helpers use memory or a piece of paper to note down their financial spendings.

Key Insights:

  1. Domestic helpers want to have a more convenient way of transferring money to the Philippines because they have to go out of their way to Pacific Ace, but currently, this is the only way.

  2. Domestic helpers want to use a simple way of tracking their financial spendings, because they've been using their own memory and papers, but they haven't found one that is easy to use yet.


  1. Filipina need a way to conveniently track their own spendings because the current memory and paper writing system isn't the most reliable.

  2. Filipina need a way to set financial goals because they want to build a house in the Philippines after they retire.

“When I start saving, I want to have a simple and easy system so that I can keep track on how much I'm saving and spending.”       

- Charlene, domestic helper in Hong Kong

User Testing with Bixie's Version

App Design Mockup 2.png

Bixie's user interface when I picked up the project 

Bixie - usability test key findings .jpg
Bixie - usability test key insights .jpg


  • Ensure users understand how to set financial goals?

  • Motivate users to keep the practice of tracking expenses?

  • Gamify the overall experience, so that users are motivated to use the app?

  • Turn wordy/boring articles into interesting ones, motivating users to learn?

Bixie - Double diamond title.png


Bixie - Double diamond title.png


User Flow

image 57.png


image 58.png

Low fidelity wireframes

image 56.png
Frame 2633.png

A/B Testing

We performed usability tests and experimented with different UI to see which ones display information more clearly on a gradient background.

Frame 2654.png
Bixie - Double diamond title.png


Final Prototype
Frame 2665.png

New Bixie's user interface

setting System

Through user testing, we found out most people were confused about the flow of setting a financial goal, therefore we came up with a new user flow along with clearer UX descriptions. To put it simply, we asked the user how much their total income per month is and what percentage of her salary she would like to contribute to her saving goals. We then direct them to goals creation (if the user has not set any goals previously). Once a goal is created by the user, she can split her total savings and set which goals she would like to contribute to.

Frame 2679.png

Goal Setting system

Financial Tracking System

We realised a financial tracking system was missing. Therefore, we created an expense/income tracking system. In order to enhance the users’ experience, I added a “noting diary” section in which it serves the purpose similar to writing a diary.

Financial tracking system

Knowledge Hub

Majority of our interviews from our user testing mentioned the difficulty of reading the articles in the “Insight” section of the original app. We changed “Insight” as to “Learn” in the footer as it better explain its purposes. We modified the type font and increased the white space between lines with the aim of improving readability.

Knowledge hub

Frame 2680.png
Frame 2681.png
Bixie - Double diamond title.png

Evaluation & Conclusion


Result & Outcome

The final MVP was presented to our clients after 3 weeks of work. We came up with a list of follow-up actions and future recommendations for their design team to pick up on our work. Apart from all the UX artefacts and prototype we made, we have also shared our gamification ideas to our clients as our final conclusion.

The feedback we received from them was extremely positive, and we were asked to present once more in front of their internal team. I was also given a job opportunity to work with them

One of the feedbacks from Bixie internal members: 

Girls, your presentations are impressive.
Thank you so much. Everything is on point! We were literally working on some of the points you mentioned!


Due to severe COVID situations in Hong Kong and the limited time frame, we were unable to conduct face-to-face user interviews and usability test.

If I could do one thing differently, it would definitely be approaching to more Filipina and conduct F2F interviews and usability tests with them. Currently, we only did user interviews with a few Filipina we know, and that has limited our findings. Therefore, for one of the next steps we recommended to Bixie was to do more usability tests to further polish the user flow.

IMG_9775 2.JPEG

Thank you for reading!

Endorsement from Client

Janice is a very talented individual with great creativity and design skills. She was working with Bixie for a 6-weeks project to explore the possibility to create a design platform for women in financial literacy. She was very thorough with her work, had great ideas, was clear in conducting good user research and feedback. She created for bixie a beautiful user journey that will be used in the product launch. I highly recommended Janice, given her positive and can do attitude, pushing the boundaries and creating something from nothing. I learnt a lot from her in six weeks working closely. She has an amazing energy to bring people together and design with empathy.

1622435698757 (1).jpeg

Saptarshi Mukerji,
Chief  Technology Officer @ Bixie               
- Feb 2022

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I improved current user flow and enhanced user’s experience through revamping their existing mobile application.

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