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Modern Architecture

"Make it simple, but significant."

 - Don Draper -

More about Janice.

As a UX/UI Product Designer, I believe great digital products identify existing problems and address them with creative solutions that ultimately bring people closer together. That being said, I am passionate about creating usable, enjoyable, and accessible digital products.


Being an ESTP individual (MBTI 16 Personalities), I am naturally a curious person who loves to explore around, get to the root of the problem and solve puzzles in the moment. I have always been creative and love to see things in different perspectives. This leads me to pursue a career in UX/UI design after my undergraduate degree in Business Management at the University of Exeter. By combining my UX/UI design skills with the business knowledge I gained at university, I am ideally suited to act as a bridge between business goals and users’ needs. I have a background in UX Design, usability testing, and user research and experience using tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, and more!


Outside of work, I enjoy taking photographs and doing latte art. Oh, I am also a part time foodie, if you’re interested to know more about my food journal →

I'm constantly seeking out to new opportunities and projects in Hong Kong. Feel free to connect, say hello, or if you're curious about what coffee I am drinking, pop me a message at, or connect with me on LinkedIn


Janice's design process.

I usually apply the "Double Diamond design thinking" process whenever I receive a project.

I started off by defining the problem and exploring the subject area, before coming down to creating the end solution. 


Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder Mapping 

Target demographics


User Interviews


Competitive analysis

SWOT analysis 

Market research



Story Telling

Empathy maps

User stories

User Personas

User Journey Maps

Affinity mapping 

User flow

Information architecture

Jobs to be done

"How might we" 


Product Planning

Feature Prioritisation

Low-mid-high Fidelity Wireframes



Design system creation


Usability testing

A/B Testing 

KPI Tracking

MVP iterations

Skills and tools.

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