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Janice Chan

UX & UI Designer

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Hello! 👋🏻

I am a UX/UI product designer, based in Hong Kong.

I love creating user-centric digital products and interactive experiences to help people and businesses to succeed.

I enjoy getting to the root of the problem and apply my problem-solving mindset through innovative solutions.

Put simply, I'm a troubleshooter with a digital DNA.

Featured Projects

My recent work

Bixie - Cover.png


I improved Bixie's current user flow and enhanced user’s experience through revamping their existing mobile application.

Locale banner.png


I applied design thinking mindset and critiqued the initial assumptions based on user research. I came up with a better feature which is out of the initial design brief supported with user research findings.

Read more to see how my project evolves!

Rooftop republic banner.png


I designed a recommendation system that helps Product managers to plan the crops for their clients.  I also participated a 2-day hackathon, working along with developers and data scientist. It was a fruitful experience, check this project out! 

Few brands I've worked with

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Saptarshi Mukerji,
Chief  Technology Officer @ Bixie

Janice is a very talented individual with great creativity and design skills. She was working with Bixie for a 6-weeks project to explore the possibility to create a design platform for women in financial literacy. She was very thorough with her work, had great ideas, was clear in conducting good user research and feedback. She created for bixie a beautiful user journey that will be used in the product launch. I highly recommended Janice, given her positive and can do attitude, pushing the boundaries and creating something from nothing. I learnt a lot from her in six weeks working closely. She has an amazing energy to bring people together and design with empathy.

FEB 2022


Kaleb photo.jpeg

Kaleb Cardenas Z,
Head of Service Design  @ Xccelerate

Janice UX and UI skills combined with her collaborative mindset translate into outstanding project results. Her dedication and hard work characterise her personality; she is trustworthy and responsible. Janice's curiosity will drive her process; she will deliver creative solutions for very complex problems. Janice will always do her best and more to achieve the best results possible.

FEB 2022

Aman photo_edited.jpg
Aman Satyam Bharti, 
Founder of Locale

As a student in the Xccelerate UI/UX program, Janice led a team of budding UI/UX developers to understand, adapt and integrate a key feature proposed in the project brief into a systemic experience for users demonstrating a clear understanding of design principles and human centered design. I have been very impressed with the output, communication and collaboration Janice and her team demonstrated in delivering quality. I look forward to following her progress as a UI/UX designer.

DEC 2021

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